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Nature Quest Leader, Vision Quest Guide and Spiritual Teacher


"My quest with Catriona was a life changing, enchanting experience. She's a grounded teacher, offering her gifts of magic in the most humble way. The quest had far reaching effects- the limbs continue to stretch out into my every day life experience and sprout new branches. I feel I was initiated to be tapped in to the Earth's song and I can hear her in new ways now. My new appreciation for the world and it's subtleties have put me more in tune with myself. I have fallen in love with nature all over again.” 

I was drawn to the quest because it was exactly what we were looking for- a quest to a faraway land with extraordinary people where I will learn how to better connect to nature. I believe it was everything I expected and more. I really enjoyed the pace of everything. It seemed we had many activities yet at the same time there was plenty of time for rest. I loved that balance. 

The most powerful aspect of the quest was the sacred ceremony. It was powerful and transcendent. The energy I experienced there set me on a new trajectory for my life. It was a beautiful way to connect and share with the women in our group. I still get teared up thinking about it.

I really enjoyed our sunset time at the Standing Stones of Stennes. I loved talking to the trees and just stretching out on the ground. I loved every shamanic journey to the core! I loved the long breakfast where we talked about Tesla and that experience you had. I liked seeing the birds "lift" on that lovely cliff with all the bunnies. We went to many lovely places, but honestly, I think I enjoyed our time at Wildwood Inn the most. H.B. U.S.A.


“I greatly appreciated Catriona’s leadership in the Quest. Never before have I been in the presence of someone that leads without ego, force or expectation. The Quest was allowed to take on its own ryhthym and it own cadence with Catriona gleefully holding the reins. I felt so safe to journey deep into the guided meditations to seek my own truth with ease. I never felt burdened by the seriousness of spirit , but rather felt immense lightness which allowed me to connect with spirit more readily and with more truth. I enjoyed with child-like delight listening to all of Catriona’s stories of nature, animals and everyday magic and miracles. This Quest has created ripples of love throughout my past and way into my future. And now, in the present moment I stand with a brave heart with all the knowledge , magic and love I gained through my experiences. I have nothing but love, honor and giggles for that Catriona, oh yeah - one more thing - GRATITUDE.” - C.C. U.S.A.


What an absolutely breathtaking experience we have all had, so honoured to have walked some of the ancient lands in the world. I had the most enchanting magical time in the Orkneys. What wonderful places you took us to. Now I am away and letting the energies unfold, I can see just how strong they were and what considerable changes we are all going through, including showing how stuck in patterns I can be. It was a remarkable experience for me. E.R. Australia


I just wanted to send you a huge thank you for organising and leading our recent quest in Orkney. I feel truly honoured to have spent the week with you, and to have shared such a joyous and exhilarating time with you and the group. Although my feet have barely touched the ground since I arrived back, my heart remains light and my thoughts are often in the north. I've come away with a much deeper understanding of myself, and a stronger idea of my potential. Something you said at the beginning of the quest, about being gentle with each other, has also kept with me Thank you again for such a life-changing and happy experience. I.L. London


It has been such a blessing to know you and to have had such incredible, mystical experiences in your care. My time in Scotland was so incredible and enlightening.   …

The hike to the puffins was amazing. And ...I loved eating at the table with everyone...having conversations... getting to know one another. All the women including yourself were just so incredible. And to have all the different phases of the goddess archetype.  it was perfectly put together….Really all of it was new and exciting and revealing. The work with the trees was amazing for me.  My hands were on fire! I didn't notice until I grabbed my fellow questers' hands.  The tour was nice and I really loved meeting Simon Hall.  That was just such a special treasure. In fact, there is a place on the trail near the dovecote where i stopped to sing for the trees one night under the full, orange moon and it almost feels like a portal to me.  I was led there, it actually felt like I hit an energetic wall when I was supposed to stop and now here in southern California it feels like i can close my eyes and journey to that spot instantaneously. Somehow it feels to me that the elemental is a part of this and i don't really know or understand it.  Just reporting i suppose. In my mind the necklaces you gave me are protection, so i allow journeys to happen.  OK and the food was a dream come true!!  The hotel was one of the best places i have ever stayed. It was wonderful.  

Ever since I was a child I saw things and knew things... Something was different in me than the people who were around me.  I had friends when i was younger, but really I liked to explore, think and just be in nature. The idea of a quest to me is magical and i am desperate to reconnect with this side of me. It's kind of funny because for me it is like being two people... one person who relies on logic and empirical evidence to make sound decisions and then another person who sees auras, who is intuitive and wise in an irrational way and is wild. So what i wanted from the quests was to have an adventure that would reconnect me to my mystical self, who i believe to be my real Self.  Both the quests I have been on with you have delivered more than i expected and I am making changes in my life as a result of the experiences. 

D.C. U.S.A. 


Whether you are a new quester or have been on a spiritual path for a while the itinerary was just right for all of us.
I came with a specific purpose. I wanted to fill in the blanks on some spiritual healing work I was doing and anything else was a bonus. I did receive a lot of information for the healing work I do and amazing information for my own spiritual path.

It seemed like something was trying to prevent me from coming, with all my foot issues that started in November and when I got one foot healed the other started acting up before I got there.   Now the amazing thing was that the moment I got to Orkney every ache and pain on my body went away.  I was totally pain free when I got there.  And I am happy to say I still am.

I felt energized and connected to all the elements after the week was over. 
I really enjoyed meeting all the people and thought we all did well together.
I will never forget the little bee that loved the vibration from the Tibetan bowl, and how I HEARD energy at the labyrinth, saw Auras at the Stones of Stenness, moonlight at the Ring of Brodgar, finding a rare and beautiful beaked whale and watching as others open their hearts to a new way of flying.
Thank you for assisting us on our path.

M.B. U.S,A.


" Catriona is truly a wise woman who weaves her many life experiences, spirituality and intuition into a tapestry of hope. She is gentle, honest and provides a safe space for your dreams to grow and emotions to bound forward. I thank her for helping me to rediscover my dreams and find clarity and peace. " ~ E. G. San Francisco


Working with Catriona is a wonderful experience and a blessing. Our time together fed my heart, body and soul. I feel stronger and better able to fulfill many of the dreams and visions that I have." L.W. Canada


I am sitting on a plane heading for home via Dubai so hopefully this will send when I get wifi. The purpose of this email is to let you know the powerful effect your work has had on me. The Nature Quest and spiritual retreat delivered everything I had hoped it would and much much more. I hoped to reconnect with a part of myself that has been absent for a while. I wanted to re-establish a meditation practice for myself and I wanted to attune myself to a "higher" energetic frequency (for want of a better way of saying it). All of those things were achieved.

What I didn't expect was to get a real love for nature nor did I expect to experience a desire to immerse myself in it. I have been deeply afraid of the elements, particularly cold, rain and wind. I now see a possibility that I don't need to be afraid. Imagine that?!? The cliff walk to see the puffins was exhilarating.

The solo was uplifting, enlightening and energising. The energy work with the trees awakened some-thing dormant in me. The dovecote was extraordinary. I saw the stones in a new exciting and hopeful light. We achieved so much in such a short time.

But that was just the start - I have some powerful new tools to incorporate into my own workshops in Australia.  You have such great integrity. I am truly privileged to have had this opportunity to spend time with you and to spend time within the group that you created. Because of your efforts and skill, I also benefited and learned so many things from all the other members of the group. I am so grateful for everything you have taught me and/or created the opportunity for me to learn. It has been amazing. Love and blessings always. --- - J.L. Australia


Meeting and working with Catriona was such a pleasure! She is a beautiful woman and teacher. I would recommend to anyone to experience a retreat with her. I learned a lot and had an amazing time. I feltIn need of deep-forest rejuvenation, I attended Catriona MacGregor’s Nature Quest and Spiritual Retreat held at Owl Lodge adjacent to Tahoe National Forest, California.  Over the next three days, Catriona led our small group on journeys that filled my body, mind, and soul with beauty, light, warmth, and renewed energy.  My heart opened and filled with the earth, the river and boulders, amazing trees, long vistas, birds and their songs, flowers, and star-filled nights.  Her special programs were powerful and reached the core of my being.  Catriona’s calm and clear energy quickly helped me shift to a grounded and revitalized state of being.  I feel so fortunate to have shared time with her in a healing, natural setting.  This amazing woman is definitely the real deal! - Deborah, attorney, SF Bay Area


 My heart is overflowing with gratitude today. I truly believe the Universe led me to you and your wondrous retreat.  I came seeking to love myself more fully and wholly and its working. I feel as if I am awakening to my soul and really seeing who I am and feeling so joyous!  I've been dancing round the house and crying with a deep happiness and love that I don't remember ever experiencing before.

You are such an inspiration to me.  Your calm gentle way of teaching and the way you honored yourself during the weekend made a huge impression on me.  You showed me there is a way to help and heal people without losing oneself.  It is imperative that I honor and take care of me and then magic happens.  I am the lotus rising from muddy waters to bloom and grow toward enlightenment.

I cannot tell you all the insights I have had already that have come from connecting with nature over the weekend and from the first day of the 28 day soul cleanse.  It is miraculous! - M.L. Las Vegas


 “My deep wish going into the Vision Quest was to experience myself in nature free of the distractions of daily life. I discovered a reservoir of inner strength, clarity and fearlessness that I can now easily access in my day-to-day life. Catriona's attunement to each person's unique process created an atmosphere of trust and allowed me to surrender to each unfolding moment with an increasing sense of inner peace. There is no doubt that the Vision Quest is one of the most daring, rejuvenating and transformative practices I've ever done and I am profoundly grateful for the experience. ”   ~L.T., Psychotherapist, CA


“Doing the Vision Quest is one of the greatest gifts I gave myself this year. From the moment I said yes to the invitation my life began to soar. The processes before the Quest weekend were very powerful and thus very encouraging for what was ahead. The Quest itself was deep, rich and powerful, continuing through the ensuing months.” ~N.L. California


"A week or so after the retreat, the energy truly settled into my being. I feel stronger and better able to carry the torch on the things that I want to achieve in my life."  A.H. Vermont


Working with Catriona is at once gentle and ferocious! Her shamanistic strengths are imperceptible, but extremely powerful._If a person is willing to learn, Catriona helps shift awareness and open new life possibilities. A.M.California


“I just wanted to say thanks again so much for the whole experience of the vision quest. It was easily the most wonderfully enriching personal experience I’ve ever had, everything I wanted and expected and more! I just can’t thank you enough for your direction, your support, and most importantly, your kindness. I will never forget my time spent in Coe and the incredible connections I made with nature.”  

~ C. C. N. California


“Thank you again for an amazing experience of tremendous growth for me. You are such a wise and beautiful person, inside and out!  May my gift to you, that green heart of love that sat in the center of my circle in the moonlight, absorbing and reflecting the energy of that space, and in the sunlight, witnessing and representing the unfolding of my understanding, equal one tiny iota of the gifts you've given me!” 

~A.W. California


Meeting and working with Catriona was such a pleasure! She is a beautiful woman and teacher. I would recommend to anyone to experience a retreat with her. I learned a lot and had an amazing time. I felt through our time together a real sense of self, worthiness, and empowerment. C.D. Canada


“Catriona helped me identify themes and clarify my goals. She has this uncanny ability to say the right thing at the right time. Catriona’s caring, steady, and non-judgmental presence was invaluable to me.  I was deeply inspired by her love of nature and the meaning she ascribed to the appearance of birds or animals we encountered during our outdoor sessions. Time with Catriona led to an important rebuilding of trust in myself, and in others.   She has helped me to reconnect with my life’s purpose.  In addition to accomplishing major changes in my personal life, I am now working on a master’s degree, opening up a new range of professional possibilities.

” T.R. California


“I really enjoyed the Nature Quest.  It was a wonderful time for reflection and rejuvenation.    I found the weekend was gentle and uplifting.    I certainly feel stronger as a result and i really appreciated our time together.    I think the retreat restored my confidence in myself and my abilities and i am so thankful for your reading of my birth sign and hand-writing.    I have once again found the courage and creativity to return to  writing my book - and I am currently in the midst of it all and am thoroughly enjoying the journey.”~ L.M. Arizona


 “I experienced profound shifts in my life and thinking by engaging in the Nature Quest”~C.C Texas