What is a Spirit Animal?

      A Spirit Animal is an animal whose energy and spirit resonates with a specific person, tribe, family or group of people.

All animals, and plants for that matter, have an invisible divine or energetic reality beyond their physical existence. Spirit animals have been referred to as “totem” animals, by Native Americans, and as “power” animals, a term especially prevalent in the 1960s and 1970s.

I prefer to use the term “Spirit Animal” as this more closely reflects that we are dealing with the invisible spiritual over-soul of the physical animal. I also always capitalize an animals name when I am referring to its Spirit Animal.

Spirit animals are important guides for humankind. Most cultures—including Egyptians, Native Americans, Hindus, Mayans, and others too numerous to mention here—recognized the importance of animal and plant spirits.

For example, from my own heritage and Celtic culture, each clan has a “clan animal or plant” in much the same way that the Native Americans had a totem animal for their tribe (i.e. the Crow people).

The Oak Tree and the lion are two of the most important symbols for my ancient family clan, the Macgregor’s. These symbols are found on our Coat of Arms and on our badges. It is believed that they conveyed specific beneficial traits. In addition, almost all Celtic Gods and Goddesses are linked to one or more spirit animals. And ancient Celtic people would call forth the protection of certain animal spirits. The great woman warrior Boudica, was linked to the Hare,

Discover Your Spirit Animal : Discover Yourself
Five Steps to Unlock the Power of the Animals to Transform Your Life & the Planet

Within each of us lies the potential for forging a sacred relationship that can change our lives. Spirit Animals can open an ancient doorway to the mysterious realm of the soul.

By working with Spirit Animals we learn that the sacred and day to day reality are one and the same. We are meant to connect with animals and plants– not just superficially, but at a deeper level within the mysterious realm of spirit. By doing so, we enter a realm beyond the borders of our ego-based identity, far from the limiting constructs of our own culture.

There are many benefits of identifying and then working with Your Spirit Animal, such as:

- Experiencing the world in a way previously beyond the scope of your limited perceptions

- Discovering your unique characteristics revealed to allow you to fully own and use them

-Discovering greater freedom and wisdom in your life

-Deepening your connection to Nature, the Creator, your own Soul

Catriona will uncover the secrets of how to identify your spirit animal, how to develop your relationship to your spirit animals, and by doing so, discover greater wisdom, clarity and freedom in your own life. 

Through a unique five step process developed by Catriona - you will be helped to invite the Spirit Animal that is prevalent in your life to come forward.

-Learn fascinating scientific and spiritual truths about human-kinds’ connection to nature, the plants and the animals.

-Research your own personal history and relationship to the animals to reveal new ways of knowing your connection to the,

-Experience a  powerful shamanic spirit animal journey.

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