Gain Valuable Insights
In this “down to earth and insightful” reading Catriona will provide you with an in-depth look at your unique personality, how to accentuate your strengths as well as provide “cures” and intuitive advice for life's challenges.

There are many similarities between the ancient Celtic and the Native American interpretation of how the day you were born can tell us about the gifts and blessings (and even shortcomings) that you came into this incarnation with. 

Yet - not content just to see what you were born with, Catriona can look deeper into how you are "manifesting" your life's gifts in the present moment. 
She can assist you in understanding how your life experiences affected your perspective and your life today.

Benefit from this unique synthesis of Three modalities to gain greater insight about yourself and learn how your birthright and experiences have shaped your life.

This reading is not based on the stars(astrology) but on earth based modalities. However, the reading does compliment your star reading.

To Book Your Reading

These readings last an hour and require at least 3 days of preparation & a completed Letter of Intention is required. Instructions for the Letter of Intention can be found by clicking here: 

Please follow instructions carefully so there are no delays to benefit from your reading.)

Celtic Trilogy Readings are  $129 dollars

In order to book your reading - Contact Catriona at and include your letter of intent.

Discover the Secret of the Meaning of Your Birthday based on ancient Celtic Wisdom.

In this Unique - One of a Kind Reading - not offered by anyone else on the Planet  - Catriona will share with you the Secrets that Your Birth-Day reveals about you to help you gain a better understanding about your strengths, as well as how to overcome any limitations or blockages to transform your life for the better.

Using a unique synthesis of ancient Celtic knowledge based on the five elements (Earth. Air, Fire, Water and Ether) and Native American Tradition  based on the Animals (Snow Goose, Otter, Cougar, Red Hawk, Beaver, Deer, Bear, Raven, Snake, Catriona can help you gain a better understanding about yourself and your life path.

She can also reveal whether you are fully manifesting your gifts and your potential in real time - or if not -what blockages may be holding you back and how to overcome them.

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Testimonials for the Celtic Trilogy Reading

“ My reading with Catriona was a welcome and uplifting surprise! Her unique blend of modalities offered a fresh breadth and depth of perspectives. And her sincere caring anchored within me what I needed to harness for the road ahead. Catriona’s intuitive understanding of both Celtic and Native American signatures helped me to see myself anew. The addition of the handwriting analysis, which revealed areas for improvement, was mind-blowing. I highly recommend Catriona!” C.N. U.S.A.

"Thank you so much for your reading ..I’m still trying to absorb it all. It was an amazing hour for me. How do you know all this? So much of it sounded very familiar; as if you knew me. Other parts were surprising and delightful to hear. More than delightful, actually. More like profound. Deep down profound. You were so down to earth, yet so completely operating from someplace not of this earth. You are truly a special soul. With sincere gratitude" ~L.J. Minnesota

Catriona provides a unique and differentiated service, that brought to the surface much of my deep-rooted personality. Also, her recommendations were both wise and exciting. I would fully recommend a reading with her and I am sure like me, the person would walk away with new-found  knowledge about themselves and ideas on how to improve.” ~ JC, Switzerland

The Celtic Trilogy reading can help You to answer questions like:
- Where are you today on your life path and how can you enhance your life experience?

- Are you “hiding your gifts” or have you mastered a limitation by your life choices and experiences?

- Given your birthright what comes to you easily and what might you have to work for?

What simple“cures” and advice might help you to transform your life for the better?