Nature Quest ®

The Celtic Birthday reading complements your astrology reading but presents entirely New information about your actual strengths and limitations. In addition, Catriona will offer "Cures" to assist you in overcoming blocks.

A completed Letter of Intention is required to book an appointment - along with your payment of $85 dollars.

Readings can be done via skype, or phone.


 You can benefit from a Full Trilogy Reading

(1 Hour) for another $25 dollars.

Discover the Secret of your Unique Birthday based on the five elements (platonic solids) Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Ether combined with your handwriting interpretation.

You will gain insightful information about your strengths and limitations and understand how to best actualize and manifest

a meaningful life path.

In this one of a kind reading (not done by anyone else) using a synthesis of intuitive knowledge, ancient wisdom, and handwriting analysis  you will be amazed at the accuracy and gain knowledge that will help you overcome obstacles and to make life easier.

Discover the Secret Meaning of Your Birthday Based on Ancient Wisdom