Nature Quest ®

21 Day Clutter Clearing Quest: Clearing from the Inside Out

A cluttered home is a cluttered life. This powerful 21 day program will help you to powerfully shift out of a cluttered existence into clarity and power. 

This 21-day Soul Coaching® Clutter-Clearing Quest program is designed to support you in getting every area of your life on track.

By purchasing this program you will receive daily guidance for each of the 21 days - that makes it easy to tackle clutter in your home and indoor environment.

One on the most powerful spiritual quests can start in your own home. As you go deeper into the hidden messages in your clutter, you’ll begin to notice things shifting, healing, and opening in your life. Sometimes it will even feel like miracles are unfolding. 

From a spiritual perspective, letting go of physical “stuff” equates with letting go of emotional blockages and barriers in your life. In truth, clutter clearing is never just about the stuff; it’s a signpost that indicates other things going on in your life beneath the surface. Clutter can be a buffer in regard to various fears (such as fear of being “seen” or fear about the future), or it might be the result of negative relationships, unresolved childhood issues, feeling not good enough, constantly nurturing or pleasing others with out taking care of your own needs, or a number of other things. Simply clearing the things that you don’t love and don’t use isn’t enough. If you don’t go to the source of the reason for the clutter, it will accumulate again. 

If you are struggling with clutter, you are not alone. It is a challenge that is endemic in our consumer-driven culture. Although our families in western cultures are typically smaller than they used to be, our living spaces are much bigger, and our consumer-led society means that our homes are “stuffed with stuff.” For example, one in 11 American households rents a self-storage space, spending on average over $1,000 a year in rent, contributing to a multi-billion dollar storage industry. .

More isn’t better. Studies show that we are not happier, healthier, smarter, or more loving as result of our stuff.

In addition to benefitting from simple steps to follow on a daily basis - you will also benefit from the introductory call with Catriona - welcoming you into the clutter clearing journey and providing a soul journey to help you release clutter. By delving deep into the reasons for why you allowed clutter to accumulate you can release emotional and spiritual blocks to prevent clutter from clogging up your life in the future.

In the end, it isn’t about the stuff; it’s about the meaning we invest in our “stuff.” For example, if you are having trouble having a positive romantic relationship and you have objects around you that represent failed relationships from the past, these objects subliminally continue to scream out to you, again and again, that you are a failure in regard to relationships. This is turn becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

In order to sign up for the 21 day program you can ask to book it now online and you will receive the 21 days of powerful clutter clearing materials as well as an appointment for your first call with Catriona.