Here is a Sample Agenda - (Note subject to change)

Day 1. May 26th

Arrive at Wildwood Inn at 2 pm- a vintage charming Inn reserved just for our participants (Included)

Get settled into your room (shared)

Enjoy a Welcome Reception and delicious dinner (Included)

Participate in an Evening Workshop - Discovering & Living Life on Purpose - & Shamanic Journey to Living Your Life Purpose

Day 2. May 27th

Enjoy a Delicious Scottish Breakfast (Included) 

Morning Program at Wildwood - Visit to and Ceremony at Stonnes of Stennes & Ring of Brodgar -

Lunch in Town

Tour of Cathedral

Dinner at Wildwood (Included)

Evening Program - Healing Shamanic Journey: Discovering Who You Are Through Relationship With Others & Heal Harmful Relationship Patterns to Release Your True Nature

May 28th

Enjoy a Delicious Scottish Breakfast (Included) 

Short Morning Program - Labyrinth Meditation -Accessing teh Deepest Core of Your Being: 

Visit to Ancient Sites - Skara Brae

Lunch at Skara Brae Museum and Shop

Afternoon Program -The Four Elements - & Deepening Connection to Nature and Intuition: Enhancing Your Ability to Sense Energy and to "Read" Your Environment

Dinner at Wildwood (Included)

Evening Program - Past Life Journeys: Take  a shamanic journey to Explore Your Past Identity and how it is effecting your present Life Choices: Set Yourself Free of the Past for a More meaningful Life

May 29th

Enjoy a Delicious Scottish Breakfast (Included) 

Hike to see the Puffins Nesting on the Cliffs: Learn to Connect Deeply to the Energy in the Land and Gain Insight About the Energetic and Spiritual Reality of the Animals and Trees

Lunch with Group

Afternoon Program - Tree Energy Practice at Wildwood Groves: Nature is a Portal to a Divine and Sacred Realm Which You can Access

Dinner at Wildwood (Included)

Evening Program - Ceremony at Stonnes of Stennes; Working with Invisible Energies to Bring Greater Ease to Your Life: Learn How to Use Dowsing to Benefit Your Life Choices and Make Better Decisions

May 30th

Enjoy a Delicious Scottish Breakfast (Included) 

Visit to Royal Society of Protection of Birds Site

Lunch on Own to Explore

Afternoon Program - Connecting with Ancient Ancestors

Dinner at Wildwood (Included)

Evening Program- Fireside chat with local author or archeology expert

May 31

Enjoy a Delicious Scottish Breakfast (Included) 

Ferry ride to Egypt of North Ancient Sites & Hike

Picnic Lunch by Wildwood

Late Afternoon on own

Dinner on Own

Evening Program - Clearing Practices and Tools (Pendulum Plus) - Prep for Mini Quest on Own : Develop and Hold Powerful Intentions - Set Yourself Free from Limiting Paradigms

June 1st

Enjoy a Delicious Scottish Breakfast (Included) 

Mini Quest on Own at Location of Your Choosing: Through Your Solo- Pilgrimage to Nature and your Own Soul - Deepen Your Understanding of Yourself and Resolve Unanswered Questions 

Lunch on Own 

Afternoon Program - at Wildwood Bern

Special Dinner at Wildwood (Included)

Sacred Evening Ceremony : Purify Your Being and Spirit to Solidify Your Experiences and Learning: Experience A Sacred ceremony that will open your heart.

June 2nd


Quest Closing 

Depart by 10:30 am via ferry or airport

Nature Quest ®